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"Fast, spontaneous and highly professional - with an absolutely fair price-performance ratio."

FELDMANN media group


"Always top quality, fast - and with great people skills too."




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Audio samples



Image Film, UK

Product Film, UK

Documentary, UK

Voiceover, Engl. (neutral)

Erklärfilm, Engl. (neutral)

SKY Sports Trailer, UK

Medical Film, UK

Industriefilm, Engl. (neutral)

Regional Accents Guide, UK


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Video samples

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Corporate Imagefilm,
Engl. (neutral)


Web Commercial,


TV Commercial,


Computer Game,


Corporate Imagefilm,


TV Commercial,


Imagefilm Elisenhof,


Science portrait,


Explainer video,
Engl. (neutral)






 Just listen to the demos below and mail or call me – I’ll deliver the version you have in mind.

  • Professional and highly experienced English voice artist based in Munich, Germany
  • For corporate videos, TV and Internet commercials, documentaries, trailers, web-based training, multimedia applications, e-learning, audioguides, etc.
  • Customers include: BMW, Liebherr, Siemens, Porsche, Bayerischer Rundfunk, MAN, Wacker, Schott, Trumpf, Audi, MAN, Roche, Heidelberg Materials, Bosch-Siemens Household Appliances, Allianz, Sky, Bayer Healthcare, Hülsta, VW, Bang & Olufsen, Linde, Deloitte, Wirtgen, Daimler-Benz ...
  • Many years of experience translating from German into English for the film industry (M.A. in Modern Languages from Cambridge)
  • Fast turnaround – all high-quality voice recordings delivered promptly via SessionLink Pro, etc.





What are David's customers saying?



"David can be relied on one hundred percent. We always enjoy communicating with him, and his flexibility, commitment and understanding of any project are absolutely professional. During the production of an image trailer for Heidelberg Materials, David proved once again that he is not just a simple voiceover but a highly sensitive actor – who perfectly adapts to his role with his voice and gives each film the desired colour and personality."

Ute Berlinghof, Brainyard


"Fast and highly professional. We’ve been working with von David Ingram for over 20 years. In addition to his professional recordings, we particularly appreciate his spontaneity, the incredible turnaround speed, and an absolutely fair price-performance ratio. For English-language texts, we value his accuracy, and his readiness to thoroughly check grammar and pronunciation."

FELDMANN media group (


"For English voiceover work, David Ingram is our first and best contact. Always top quality, fast and - the nice thing in this day and age - great people skills."



"I have been working with David Ingram very successfully for many years. I appreciate his professional, helpful and very flexible manner. Also, you can always express special wishes to David, which he always takes into account."

Tim Ockert (


"David speaks fluent German, which is a great advantage, and the recordings from his home studio are of excellent quality."

Fritz Karmann (


"Recording with David is fun, and always professional. Even with complicated projects, working with him is easy & problem-free, which is why I like to ask him for a wide variety of jobs. It's also great that if you're unsure about an English text, David can always give you productive feedback on it."

Martin Pfanzer, Playroom Studios, Frankfurt (


"David has always been one of the first people I call when it comes to professional English voice recordings. It's always great to work with a professional like him who simply knows his craft. When I have David in the studio, I know I don't have to worry about even the most difficult texts. It’ll all be fine in the end! Thank you for the countless enjoyable hours we’ve spent recording together over the past 25 years!"

Oliver Goertz, Soundlab


"David is an exceptional service provider, always at hand, even for last-minute requests. In addition to his voice quality, he particularly excels as a speaker in his understanding of the text - even with very complex subject matter. And thanks to his likeable, humorous manner, working with David is quite simply fun."

Marcus Uhl, Geschäftsführer, Bilderfest GmbH


"Before reading complex e-learning texts, David always checks the exact pronunciation of technical terms, company names, etc. He works easily in sync with video streams (e.g. via Sessionlink) and avoids any Internet dropout problems by always making his own backup recordings."

Alex Catarinelli (


"For many years, David has been my first choice when it comes to voice recordings in English. Always reliable, always in a good mood, always on the ball. The collaboration is extremely effective and also fun. Highly recommended!"

Peter Prestel (


"I and subsequently also the client were very satisfied with David, as always. And not only because of his voice and the way he uses it, but also because of his constructive and professional manner."

Stefan Held, Pixelschickeria


"I always enjoy working with David for English voice recordings and have found him to be a highly professional, flexible and dedicated voiceover artist. In addition, David is always reliable, and only satisfied when the client is."

Uli Koeberl, SPORT1


"David Ingram has been an established speaker for many years and we are always very happy to book him. He is extremely professional, and his enormous experience ensures a perfect understanding not only of production content but also customers’ wishes. At the same time, David is always likeable and humorous, which ensures the necessary composure even in stressful productions. A clear recommendation from us!"

Daniel Erl, ELEVEN creative audio


"We really appreciate David's friendly, reliable manner and meticulous way of working. It was important for us to find a lively and authentic voiceover who could also translate our Lauschtour style into English - and that's exactly what we found with David."

Marco Neises, „Lauschtour“ audiotours (


"David is super friendly, professional, always reliable and available in a timely manner. He has saved us many a tight deadline. His feel for the English language has always impressed us and our clients."

Harald Singer, Geschäftsführer, EXPONENT3 GmbH (


"With empathy, a great feel for the text, and enthusiasm, David's voice has been adding a special dimension to our image films for over 10 years; his quick grasp and fluency make him a reliable partner."

Hana Tsutsumi, Rückenwind-Film (


"Working with David is great fun – and the result is excellent every time. I look forward to new projects!"

Marion Werner, Regiepapst Medienproduktion GmbH


"David listened to all of our client's requests and created a relaxed working atmosphere. The results were professional and structured - just what we need for our fulldome productions."

Daniel Deboy, Deltasoundworks (


"David is a great colleague who has supported me professionally in numerous productions with his expertise as an English speaker. He’s always on the ball, and I really appreciate his friendly manner and his reliability. It’s always a pleasure to work with him, and I always get a great result. In short: my man for English voiceovers."

Max von Stromberg (








My technical equipment:


Sennheiser MKH-416-P48U
Sennheiser MK4
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen











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David Ingram


tel.: +49 171 7016679

mail: david[at]









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